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Mark Zdunnek M.A.
Director / Producer / Lecturer
Adobe Certified Instructor
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Welcome: Any type (eg. internships, traineeships, permanent employment, freelance) of unsolicited applications,  for activities in the media sector (eg. with interest and / or knowledge in the following areas: journalism, management, social media, film & TV, media design image & sound, graphic design, 2D & 3D animation, VR / AR, camera work / technology, editing / post-production, assistancies, audio-technology / mixing, texting / copywriting / research, video & film production, etc.): for correct operation, please send these by post to the address indicated on this page or send us (in Your interest according to GDPR protected / encrypted etc.) by mail to This e-mail address is for applications only. Of course, you can always request the deletion and/or destruction of your personal data. Due to data protection reasons, applicable law will be respected. This means that your documents will be removed in accordance with the law and binding regulations.


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